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    This course is designed to be a companion study tool for other "full fledged" PHR/SPHR study materials, offering a practical view point, case studies, and more.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
  • 2
    Functional Area 1 | Leadership and Strategy (40% SPHR Exam Content)
    • Concepts to Know: Leadership and Strategy
    • Business Management and Strategic HR
    • The Goal of Human Resource Management
    • Developing an HR Mission Statement
    • HR Project Management: Blending HR and Business Management Concepts
    • Chief HR Officer, or Chief Trouble Maker?
    • Evidence-Based HR Principles
    • Aligning HR Strategy with Business Objectives
    • The "Most Important" HR Metrics
    • Wrapping Up Business Management
    • SPHR Master Class: HR Metrics
    • Case Study: Chuck's Wagon
    • eBook: Strategic HR Handbook
    • Practice Exam: Business Management
  • 3
    Functional Area 2 | Talent Planning and Acquisition (16% SPHR Exam Content)
    • Concepts to Know: Talent Planning and Acquisition FREE PREVIEW
    • Welcome to Talent Planning and Acquisition!
    • Recruiting as a Skill
    • Introductory Guide to Recruiting and Selection
    • Validity and Reliability in Pre-Employment Testing [Video]
    • Disparate Treatment, Adverse Impact, and More [Video]
    • Quick Review
    • How to Analyze Recruiting Metrics
    • Recruiting Best Practices
    • Case Study: Strategic Recruiting Principles at H&R Block
    • Modern Research: Recruiting Trends and Global Talent Acquisition Priorities
    • Wrapping up Talent Planning and Acquisition
    • SPHR Case Study: Mario's Music
    • Practice Exam: Talent Planning and Acquisition
  • 4
    Functional Area 3 | Learning and Development (12% SPHR Exam Content)
    • Concepts to Know: Learning and Development FREE PREVIEW
    • Learning and Development Overview
    • Training that Really Works
    • Interview: How to Measure Learning Impact
    • Quick Review
    • Performance Development and Enablement
    • My Own Performance Management Guide
    • How The BEST Companies Manage Employee Performance
    • SPHR Master Class: HR Technology
    • SPHR Deep Dive: Learning and Development Concepts
    • Practice Exam: Learning and Development
  • 5
    Functional Area 4 | Total Rewards (12% SPHR Exam Content)
    • Concepts to Know: Total Rewards
    • Welcome to Total Rewards
    • How to Run a Compensation Review Board
    • Quick Review
    • Bonuses and Employee Recognition Awards
    • Peer Recognition
    • Final Review
    • Case Study: We Have Your House
    • SPHR Master Class: Executive Compensation
    • Practice Exam: Total Rewards
  • 6
    Functional Area 5 | Employee Relations and Engagement (20% SPHR Exam Content)
    • Concepts to Know: Employee and Labor Relations
    • Welcome to Employee and Labor Relations
    • My HR Horror Story
    • USERRA Legal Requirements [Video]
    • Quick Review
    • The "Dark Side" of Employee/Labor Relations
    • Do Companies "Deserve" Labor Unions?
    • 10 Court Cases to Know
    • Risk Management Terms to Know
    • Risk Management Examples
    • Risk Management Term Review
    • Case Study: Baby Time
    • Practice Exam: Employee and Labor Relations
  • 7
    Content Review and Practice
    • How to Practice for Your Exam
    • Post-test (50 questions)
    • Bonus Test #1 (50 Questions)
    • Course Complete!
    • Bonus Test #2 (50 Questions)


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