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  • HR Job Seeker

    What if you could find out your best strengths and translate those to sell yourself during the hiring process?

  • HR Individual Contributor

    What if you could learn your work style to leverage your best abilities in your current role?

  • Leading an HR Team

    Want to help create better relationships among the HR pros already on your team? Contact us for team pricing at the link below.

Bonus material

For a limited time, in addition to myHRfit, you can also get the following bonus items worth $80 at no additional cost:

  • Book: The Happiness Track

    $24 value

    The Happiness Track by Emma Seppala, shipped to your doorstep! This book provides a wealth of information on how we can find happiness at work and in life, including which myths we all have been trapped by (and how to avoid them). This offers some great, practical ideas on how to overcome obstacles and drive value for ourselves and others.

  • Targeted Video Training

    $30 value

    Specialized videos focusing on each HR type (Driver, Influencer, Equalizer, and Stabilizer), including advice on how to leverage strengths, find a better balance, and understand those around you.

  • Printable HR Notebook

    $6 value

    HR-themed printable notebook to keep up with ongoing tasks, track your progress with working towards your strengths, and celebrate your unique self.


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What others say about us

“I can't tell you how valuable this has been for me. I am looking for my next HR role and finally feel like I can talk about what I have to offer in real, relatable terms. And the book was such a fun extra! I really appreciate it.”


“I've been working in HR for 10 years but always felt like I was just doing the next task that came along. Now I know my styles and preferences, and I can be intentional about finding and adapting work to those. Thank you thank you thank you for this. Work is meaningful again!”


“My team still talks about how much fun it was to have you share our types. I'm a Driver, but two of my direct reports are Equalizers, totally opposite of me! It really helps us get on the same page with less friction. We get each other. This was totally worth it.”


myHRfit: Team Edition

Want to put your team through myHRfit? We can provide a visual representation of your team and how each individual contributes to the bigger picture.

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