What to Expect

  • 7.5 HRCI/SHRM credits

  • World-Class Speakers and Leaders

  • Encouragement, Insight, and Inspiration

Course curriculum

  • 1
    HR Summer School 2021
    • Elsa Glorioso: The Biggest Question Employers Should be Asking
    • Carrie Missele: Building Your Curiosity Muscle
    • Trent Cotton: Recruiting with Impact
    • Francisco Reyes: Behavioral Science for HR
    • Jane Jaxon: CHRO Insights on Burnout and DEI
    • Julia Markish: Enabling Equitable Performance Management
    • Christopher Lind: Remote Work and Personal Choice
    • David Arrington: Being a Leader Worth Following
    • Roger Kitchen: How to Hone Your Mental Performance at Work
    • Wendi Safstrom: Supporting the Veteran Community
    • Anne Fulton: Hiring from Within and the Impact on Talent
    • Elisa Garn: Which HR Persona are You?
    • Broc Edwards: How to Highlight Your Leadership Talent
    • Chevy Cook: Mentoring for Impact
    • Erich Kurschat: Networking for Life